Jul 30, 2009

water quality ratings; DEC response

The New York Daily News published a chart today that illustrated a new [annual?] study done on the quality of New York's waters on area beaches. Parts of Rockaway Beach, particularly the areas where I normally fish (130s), ranked among the worst in this dull chart. We scored just two stars out of five.

What this has to do with the fish that come out of those waters might be difficult to quantify, I suspect. After all, fish born in Jamaica Bay reportedly can swim as far south as North Carolina, as far north as Maine.

In other news, the Department of Environmental Conservation got back to me with an official answer to my question what to do if the [under-sized] fish you catch dies on the hook. Can you keep it then?

It is illegal to keep an undersized fish (smaller than minimum length
for a particular species). When it comes down to it, Law Enforcement
wouldn't know the circumstances as to why a person kept an
undersized fish...ie) whether it was injured or not. Therefore it
should not be possessed and should be returned to the water.

End of transmission. That's all they say. Basically, I can be fined if I'm found keeping fish that are undersized, even if they die on the hook accidentally.

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